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Pro-Global Companies Ltd understands the importance of sustainability - in the design, manufacture and distribution of its products. We selectively source quality items from suppliers and manufacturers that reflect our high standards by ensuring they meet the following criteria:
(a) Sustainable raw materials must be processed using energy efficient, environmental friendly methods while minimising waste during production
(b) Product and packaging must be recyclable or reusable
(c) Non UK or EU manufactured goods must be recognised as being ethically produced
(d) Transport and logistics within the UK and to other international destinations must comply with best environmental practise
In particular, we ensure that the design and manufacture of our furniture meets all relevant environmental standards. Pro-Global Companies Ltd is committed to sourcing and supplying high quality products that are compliant with regulations under UK and EU legislation. When furniture products are sourced from outside the EU, we ensure that all transactions are made through a reputable UK based agency; thus ensuring that our suppliers abroad also reflect our high standards and controls by operating with best ethical practise in respect of the manufacture of products and the wellbeing of their employees.
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